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Personality Assessments

As I have time, I will be sharing a number of assessments that will help you to learn more about yourself and how you can function at your best.

However, there is one that I would especially recommend to you.

It is called the Birkman Assessment. In it's own words, it is a "provider of the industry-leading personality assessment that facilitates team building, executive coaching, leadership development, career management and interpersonal conflict resolution. For over 50 years, corporate human resources professionals, independent consultants, executive coaches, educational institutions and other not-for-profit organizations have used The Birkman Method® with over 2.5 million individuals. The Birkman Method® accurately measures productive behaviors, stress behaviors, underlying needs, motivations and organizational orientation."

I have done numerous assessments over the years and studied a fair number of books and such, so I thought I had a pretty good idea of who I was and what I could do. But this assessment gave me some new insights about myself which I found quite interesting. Not just in what my skills and abilities are - I got a surprise on that one that made all kinds of sense once I saw it, but I had just never seen that as a strength in my life.

Learning what behaviours work best for you, where your stress points are - and what to do about that, what your needs are - and how to meet them (well now I finally knew why I had been saying I needed a certain thing in my life, and why nobody seemed to take me seriously about that), what motivates you, etc - this is fabulous knowledge to be aware of.

So, I do very definitely recommend this assessment to you. It is fairly easy to do, as you are sent a link and you do the test online at your convenience. Then a Birkman consultant prepares a report for you and goes through it with you.

In just a minute, I will send you to the Birkman website if you want more details, but rather than click on a link there for someone to work with you, I would like to recommend that you work with my personal coach and Birkman consultant, Jonathan Michael. Once you have looked over the Birkman website, come back here and contact Jonathan below.

We are just in the process of working out something special for you if you work with Jonathan, so watch for details shortly.

The Birkman assessment is an investment in yourself and your future. The fee for the basic assessment is $500.00CDN. While that may seem like a lot, the value of what you learn about yourself far exeeds that in my opinion. It is not cheap, and I really had to think about it when I was offered the opportunity to take it. But I am so glad that I did.

So go to Birkman and check out the information. Then come back here and send this e-mail to Jonathan.

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